About Chic Collection

Chic Collection is an online resource for travellers searching for chic hotels to book and providing inspiring travel stories.

How we started

Chic Collection started in 2002 with the coffee table guidebook – Mexicochic. Founder, Nigel Bolding, realised that this was a theme that could work globally, digging out small, independent hotels combined with stunning destination imagery and informative content. 40 editions and 400,000 copies later, we began to develop ‘mini’ editions to insert into UK editions of Vogue and Conde Nast Traveller. By 2012 we were fully out of the publishing world and become an online travel resource for discerning global travellers.

Who we are today

In 2013 we took the idea of Chic Collection one step further and began to work with hotels that needed global but flexible and affordable marketing support. With a portfolio of over 200 hotels, we are venturing in a new exciting direction based on our publishing roots:


We publish online inspiring travel stories and insights into chic hotels and destinations around the world.

We don’t present travel and luxury as a cold-hearted product. We curate all our stories from an emotional and compelling perspective, working with writers around the world who have on-the-ground, immersive insights.

Our hashtag — #ItsAFeeling — brings together everything about what we believe travel today is all about – feelings!


WandrList, our soon-to-be-launched online social platform will allow travellers to promote and share experiences through their own personal travel lens.

We love the DIY ethos of crowdsourced content — created by travellers who have participated in real experiences and who can bring together an experiential perspective to the concept of travel today.


We provide travellers with a curated collection of chic hotels around the world, allowing them to book directly with the hotel online. If you require a more personal service, our Chic team of travel experts are also available to offer valuable travel advice on where to stay.

So whether you are a hotelier that needs to reach a global audience or a traveller that just wants to see more of the globe, then Chic Collection is the place to come to.